Ultra-light Bass Lures

The current trend for catching bass on many Texas reservoirs is to use 'oversize' baits. Giant swimbaits and 10-inch worms are just a couple of popular examples. However, there is also a place in bass fishing for baits that are on the extreme opposite side of the spectrum. Anglers who can use light line, light rods and small lures are often able to produce fish when others aren't.

Ultra-light tackle is extremely effective in a few specific situations. For starters, whenever fishing small water such as stock tanks, streams or small lakes, downsized lures are often the best bet. Some of these waters simply don't have bass large enough to be tempted by big baits. And, many of the small bodies of water that do support trophy bass don't have much in the way of large forage. So, even these big bass have gained their girth by eating diminutive prey items.

Spring and early summer is an excellent season to use ultra-light gear on any body of water. During this time of year, even the largest of reservoirs is teeming with new life. Bugs, minnows, tadpoles, baby bass and bluegills are just a few of the menu items that are mere centimeters long at this point. Using downsized baits is a great way to 'match the hatch' so to speak.

Ultra-light tackle can also be productive when bass have become skittish. Whether their finicky behavior is due to clear water, high pressure, or some other condition, turning to small lures can often turn the tide in the angler's favor.

Regardless of the situation, there are a handful of ultra-light lures that should be part of any bass fisherman's arsenal. Blakemore Roadrunners are certainly at the top of that list. An assortment of Roadrunners ranging from 1/16th to 1/4 ounce in size in both marabou and plastic tails will cover a wide variety of circumstances. The Rebel Wee-Craw is perhaps the most versatile ultra-light hardbait. And, it never hurts to have a selection 'natural' baits - especially during spring. The Burke lineup from Creme Lures offers a variety of 'naturals' ranging from frogs to hoppers to crawfish. Finally, a 4-inch Creme Scoundrel should be considered a 'must-have' for any angler looking to downsize their lure selection.

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