Hybrid Bass
Appearance: A genetic cross between White Bass and Striped Bass, Hybrid Bass have some characteristics of both. It is typically more elongated than a White Bass, yet has a deeper body than a Striper. It has the horizontal stripes that are characteristic of both species, but the Hybrid's stripes are typically broken.

Size: Hybrid Bass in the 10 pound range are common and fish over 15 pounds aren't unheard of

Where it's found: Most major reservoirs in Texas have been stocked with Hybrid Bass.

What it eats: Hybrid Bass feed primarily on shad, shiners and minnows.

Top lures & baits: Spoons, crankbaits and jigs are the most commonly used lures. Live shad will produce fish as well.

How it tastes: Hybrid Bass are very good on the plate.

Texas Bag & Size Limits: 5 fish bag/18 inch minimum length (*NOTE: Many water bodies have tighter limits than the statewide limits. Be sure to check for any local limits before retaining fish.)